Drinking Water QC Knowns

MIC-QC4 – Drinking Water Coliforms 10 Sample Set


A ten sample set for determination of Total/Fecal Coliforms and E.coli. The samples are designed to be compatible with all promulgated methods including MF,MTF,IDEXX Quanti-Tray,Colilert,and Colisure. Derived from primary cultures, each set contains 3 samples of total coliform positive/fecal and e.coli negative, 3 samples of total coliform/e. coli/fecal coliform positive, 2 samples for coliform negative and 2 blanks. Strains include E. coli(NCTC 9001), E. aerogenes (NCTC 10006) and P. aeruginosa ( NCTC 12951). With this set, you can report presence/absence and quantitative* results. Please contact customer service at 1-800-234-7837 for quantitative sets. All samples are cultured in the range of 20 - 200 CFU. Sterile hydration buffer included. read more


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