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USP <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations Cultural Fungi Genera PT


Product used to evaluate the ability to identify at the genera level fungal contaminants using appropriate cultural or molecular techniques. read more



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PH-0123, PH-0523


Product Description

Proficiency Test contains 5 numbered vials containing one lyophilized pellet of a single bacterial species chosen from a defined list. Participant will be asked to correctly identify the fungal microorganism that is present in each of the 5 vials. Fungal species are randomly selected from the following list:

  • Alternaria
  • Aureobasidium
  • Cladosporium
  • Fusarium
  • Geomyces
  • Mucor
  • Penicillium
  • Stachybotrys
  • Trichoderma
  • Ulocladium
  • Saccromyces
  • Candida

Also includes 5 x 4mL sterile peptone buffer hydration fluid.

This Proficiency Test is ideal for labs performing environmental monitoring of pharmaceutical industry facilities.