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USP <541> Colorimetric Titration Proficiency Test


Proficiency Test for laboratories performing Assay by USP <541> Colorimetric Titration. read more



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PH-0523, PH-0123, PH-0922

Product Details

Product Details

Quantitative Proficiency Test (PT) for laboratories performing Colorimetric Titration Assay by USP <541> or equivalent. Participants report quantitative results for their sample(s). Samples provided two vials containing 500mg of material.  Participants are asked to determine the concentration in percentage (%) of target analyte in the sample per the USP monograph or equivalent.


Target Analyte: Calcium Ascorbate, powdered or granulated solid

USP PT Schedule

USP PT Schedule

Study Number Study Open Date Study Close Date
PH-0422 4/18/2022


Extended from 6/9/22

PH-0922 9/19/2022 11/18/2022
PH-0123 1/16/2023 3/17/2023
PH-0523 5/15/2023 6/14/2023