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USP <51> Proficiency Test for Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing


Product is used to evaluate the ability to evaluate test procedures and effectively demonstrate effectiveness of antimicrobial agent in category 1 product. read more



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PH-0123, PH-0523

USP Harmonized Compendial Methods

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USP <51>

Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing

<5.1.3> JP <19> PHPT-024 Preservative Efficacy Test


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PT Sample kit supplied as 2 sets, 5 Category 1 product panel consisting of 3 solutions containing antimicrobial agent and 2 solutions absent antimicrobial agents, 1 lyophilized pellet containing a quantified bacteria for inoculum preparation, 1 lyophilized pellet containing a quantified yeast or mold for inoculum preparation, and 2 vials containing 1.5mL each of appropriate sterile solution for lyophilized pellet hydration.