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USP <233> Elemental Impurities Proficiency Test


Proficiency Test for laboratories performing Assay by USP <233> Elemental Impurities. read more



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PH-0123, PH-0523


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Quantitative Proficiency Test (PT) for laboratories performing Elemental Impurities Assay by USP <233> or equivalent. Participants report quantitative results for their sample(s). Samples provided two vials containing 5 grams Calcium Succinate Monohydrate fortified with elemental impurities at varying concentrations.  Participants are asked to quantitatively determine the amount for each elemental impurity in the sample per the USP monograph or equivalent.


Elemental Impurities:

Cadmium 10-100ug/g

Lead 10-100ug/g

Arsenic 15-150ug/g

Mercury 30-300ug/g