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Quantitative C. perfringens Matrix #FMPT-014


A pure culture of C. perfringens conveniently supplied in duplicate for quantitative determination of C. perfringens. read more



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Buffer, Dairy, Meat

Study Number

FM-0220, FM-0520, FM-0820, FM-1120

2019/2020 Food Micro Study Schedule

2019/2020 Food Micro Study Schedule

Study Number Study Opens   Study Closes
FM-1119 Nov. 5 Dec. 19, 2019
FM-0220 Feb. 18 April 2, 2020
FM-0520 May 13 June 26, 2020
FM-0820 Aug. 12 Sept. 25, 2020
FM-1120 Nov. 4 Dec. 18, 2020