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Organochlorine Pesticides #SPEO-003


A 30 gram sample supplied ready to use. Each study contains at lease 80% of the NELAC analytes in the range of 50 - 500 ug/kg. Designed for use by EPA Method 8081. Supplied in duplicate. read more



Catalog Number:
Study Number

SM-124, SM-125, SM-126, SM-127

2019/2020 Soil Study Schedule

2019/2020 Soil Study Schedule

Study Number Study Opens Study Closes
SM-123 Oct. 22 Dec. 5, 2019
SM-124 Feb. 5 March 20, 2020
SM-125 April 22 June 5, 2020
SM-126 Aug. 19 Oct. 2, 2020
SM-127 Oct. 21 Dec. 4, 2020



4,4’-DDD 4,4’-DDE
4,4’-DDT Aldrin
alpha-BHC alpha-Chlordane
beta-BHC delta-BHC
Dieldrin Endosulfan I
Endosulfan II Endosulfan sulfate
Endrin Endrin aldehyde
Endrin ketone gamma-BHC
gamma-Chlordane Heptachlor
Heptachlor epoxide Hexachlorobenzene
Methoxychlor Hexachlorocyclopentadiene
Propachlor Trifluralin