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Environmental Swab – Listeria spp #FMPT-018


A 5 sample proficiency testing panel for qualitative identification of Listeria spp. in environmental swabs.  Each panel is supplied with 5 inoculated swabs and five 4" x 4"  sterile swabbing surfaces.  At least 2 of 5 inoculated swabs will be positive for Listeria spp.  Acceptable evaluation is 4 of 5 correct with no false negatives. Listeria species for this panel is L. ivanovii. read more



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Study Number

FM-0522, FM-0822, FM-1122

2022 Food Micro Study Schedule

2022 Food Micro Study Schedule

Study Number Study Opens   Study Closes
FM-0222 Feb. 15 March 31
FM-0522 May 24 July 7
FM-0822 Aug. 9 Sept. 22
FM-1122 Nov. 2 Dec. 16